Saved Shopping Baskets

How to save and restore a shopping basket for ordering

When you are registered and logged in, you can save all of the items in your current shopping basket to a saved shopping basket for purchase or reference later. Enter a name or label for your shopping basket on your current shopping basket page and press the “Save Basket” button.

Saving a shopping basket

When a shopping basket is successfully saved, you will be taken to a page listing your saved shopping baskets under the My Accounts section. The newly saved shopping basket should be the last one on the list.

NOTE: When editing a saved basket you cannot change the quantities until you add the items back to the current basket..

Loading a saved shopping basket

There are several ways to add the items from a saved shopping basket to your current shopping basket:

  • Check the box and press the “Add to Shopping Basket” button from the saved shopping basket list page. You can add all the items from one or more saved shopping baskets to your current shopping basket by checking the box and clicking the “Add to Shopping Basket” button.
  • Select the saved shopping basket you want from the list and click the “Update” button. From the current shopping basket, you can select from your list of saved shopping baskets and click the “Update” button.
  • Check the box next to the items you want from the list and click the “Add to Current Shopping Basket” button. From a saved shopping basket details page, you can add one or more specific items by checking the box next to each item row and clicking the “Add to Current Shopping Basket” button.
  • We'll store your saved shopping baskets indefinitely as long as they've been accessed in the past 12 months. Shopping baskets that have not been accessed in the past 12 months will be deleted automatically.

NOTE: Saved shopping basket items added to the current shopping basket will be merged with items already in the shopping basket. If there are duplicate items in the current shopping basket, the item will only be listed once and the quantity will be increased by the quantity of the saved shopping basket. If you want to increase or decrease the quantity of an item for an order, please change the total in the current shopping basket and click the “Update Basket” button.

Deleting a saved shopping basket

Simply log in and view the My Account: Saved Shopping Basket page, and check the box on the row for the shopping basket you want to delete. Then click the “Update” button. The shopping basket will be deleted immediately.

NOTE: Deleting a saved shopping basket is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Placing Orders

Q: What does it mean when a part is on backorder?
A:Occasionally, demand for certain products can lead to them being temporarily ‘out of stock’. However, if you still want this item and don't mind waiting, we are happy to accept orders and despatch it once stock becomes available.
Q: Can I download or email my shopping basket?
A:Yes. At the bottom of your shopping basket you can select the option to download or Email your shopping basket. Choose a file name and location where you would like it to be saved and the complete shopping basket will be saved as a .csv file. Saved Shopping Baskets.
Q: What are order minimums and multiples?
A:Certain products like resistors or cable come in reels or packs of set length or quantity. They are not available for sale in quantities below certain levels because it is not economical to package them in smaller quantities.
Q: How do I apply a voucher code to my order?
A: You can enter a voucher code on the shopping basket page. When you have entered a valid voucher code, press the “Apply” button and the shopping basket total should display the updated discounted total.

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Q: Can I save my shopping basket and complete my order later?
A:Yes. In the shopping basket, you can save your shopping basket by entering the name of your choice in the Save shopping basket field, then click “Save shopping basket”. The saved shopping basket is then available in My Account.
Q: How do I schedule orders?
A:See the Scheduled Orders section for more information.
Q: What are special instructions and delivery notes?
A:Special instructions and Delivery notes let you attach information to your order. They will appear on all correspondence regarding your order. As you checkout, the delivery page has a field named “Delivery Notes”, enter your notes into this field to take advantage of this feature.
Q: How do I receive a special quote for a large order?
A:See the Quotes section for more information.
Q: Can I add notes to items in my shopping basket?
A:Yes. In the shopping basket, use the Line Notes field to enter information to help you or your staff. Line notes will appear on all the order packing slips. Keep in mind that line notes are only for use by you and your company internally.
Q: Do you have volume pricing?
A:See the Quotes section for more information.
Q: Do you offer Saturday delivery?
A: Unfortunately, we do not offer Saturday delivery.
Q: What are your delivery options?
A:Go to Delivery Information page to view all our delivery options.
Q: Why can I only deliver to a Ireland address?
A: Due to additional exporting charges and safety or security measures, we must be contacted verbally (Tel: +44 8701 200 208) before we can export goods. This will enable us to check if delivery to your region is possible and to fully inform you of any charges and regulations applicable to your order.
Q: How long will my saved baskets be stored?
A: We'll store your saved baskets indefinitely as long as they've been accessed in the past 12 months. Baskets that have not been accessed in the past 12 months will be deleted automatically.
Q: What is the latest I can place my order for the same day despatch?
A:To get the same day despatch, order must placed before 18:00 for products delivered from UK warehouse, and before 18:00 for products delivered from Liege warehouse.
Q: What are my choices for backorder preferences?
A: For backorder preferences, you may choose from the following:
Backorder allowed - We'll deliver in-stock items immediately and place any out-of-stock items on backorder. Items on backorder will be delivered as they become available. Therefore, your order may arrive in single or multiple deliveries.
Deliver order complete - If any items in your order are out of stock, we'll hold your order until all items become available. Your order will arrive in one delivery.
Q: What is the Supplier Direct deliver Handling Fee?
A: Supplier Direct deliver items that have a service charge indicated are coming from our Newark warehouse in the USA. There will only be one additional service charge per order regardless of how many items are in the basket. These items are clearly identified within the basket and are delivered within 3-4 days.
Q: How do I open a trade account?
A: See the Trade Account section for more information.
Q: Can I pay my account balance online?
A: Unfortunately there is currently no method for you to settle your account online. We are looking into this facility for future use.
Q: Can I order if I am on credit hold?
A: Yes. If you are on credit hold for being over your account “credit limit”, you can still place orders using a credit card. If you are on credit hold due to a “stop order” status, you must contact the credit control department on 1800 936 211
Q: I cannot see the card I added for future orders in Checkout or in My Account?
A: We are not permitted to store cards that are declined on first use. In this situation you will be required to enter and store the card details again. This can be done during your next order or in My Account.
Some organisations allow their buyers to use the same card for purchases. If a previous user removes the right for the card to be stored, we will no longer be able to store the card. Simply re-enter the card details and select to store the card for future use.