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Discrete Devices & Components

Check out our fantastic range of Discrete Devices & Components at Farnell element14

Looking for Bridge Rectifiers, Diodes or MOSFETs through to TRIACs, DIACs & SIDACs? If it's a discrete components you're after then Farnell element14 is the place to look.


Discrete devices are electrical components with only a single circuit element either passive or active which can be combined several times to form a discrete circuit. This differs from integrated circuits which contain hundreds or thousands of elements.

At Farnell element14 we stock 1000's of discrete devices and components from over 60 industry leading suppliers. Our choice includes everything from FETs, IGBTs, and JFETs, through to bipolar transistors, bridge rectifiers and zener diodes.

Browse through our catalogue of discrete components today and take advantage of our high quality service to help you make the right design choices for your project.

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On Semiconductor
International Rectifier
Diodes Inc
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