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Electrical Enclosures

Check out our fantastic range of Electrical Enclosures at Farnell element14

Desktop enclosures, hand held enclosures, potting enclosures and other electronics enclosures from industry-leading manufacturers, in stock and ready to ship today.


At Farnell element14 we offer a wide range of enclosures from the leading industry brands as well as competitively priced options to suit all budgets, ensuring we have a solution for every application.

Whether you are looking for potting boxes, wall mounted industrial IP rated enclosures, ergonomically designed hand held or desktop enclosures, Farnell element14 has them all.

Farnell element14 offers flexible ordering, with immediate dispatch through a choice of channels and delivery options to suit individual requirements. Take advantage of our wide choice of products and high quality service today to help you make the right design choices.

With over 6,500 Electronic enclosures in stock and ready to order, Farnell element14 is sure to provide the right electronic enclosures for your solution.

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