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Wonder Workshop Robotics make
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Meet Dash & Cue!

Robust and responsive, these interactive robots are ready to go, straight out of the box. With features including multiple built-in motors, sensors, LEDs, and audio capabilities, these robots interact with students, their environment, and each other, igniting any child’s imagination and making learning fun!

With the power of play in their hands, children can dream up new adventures while learning to code at any skill level. And with support from Teach Wonder educators can integrate coding and robotics skills into everyday teaching and learning. 

Watch Dash in action!

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Wonder Workshop

Dash (for ages 6+)

Dash is a child’s first real robot friend. Charged and ready to go straight out of the box, Dash responds to voice commands, navigates around objects, and dances & sings.

  • Bluetooth enable - Moves in precise increments
  • Detects objects in front and behind - Charges fully in 60min
  • Records custom sounds


Create new behaviours for Dash using online software and apps. There’s a Dash app for every age group, learning level, and play style.

  • Wonder - A picture-based coding language built for children, which makes robotics as delightful as finger painting.
  • Blockly - Designed to introduce concepts of coding through playful projects and puzzles.
  • Path – Before starting to read, kids can learn fundamentals of robotics and coding using Path, by drawing a route of their tablet or smartphone sending Dash on journeys around the classroom with their code.
  • Go – Explore the robot’s lights, sounds, sensors and movements and get to know all that Dash can do.
  • Xylo – Allows you to conduct a musical performance using Dash’s Xylophone.
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Wonder Workshop

Cue (for ages 11+)

An interactive, customisable robot with 4 unique avatars to add tailored expressions and interactions with an amazing depth of personality to your Cue. Cue has an experienced interactive communication unlike any other robot. Powered by breakthrough Emotive AI, Cue contains sensors that react to inputs in real-time, advanced processors and Bluetooth capability and responds to block or text-based code.

  • 3 proximity sensors
  • Dual motors and potentiometers
  • 3 processors and sensor fusion
  • Real-time Bluetooth
  • IR robot interaction
  • 2 powered wheels with encoders
  • 3 microphones and a speaker
  • Programmable LED and buttons

Hero Avatars:

  • Charge – Being brave yet compassionate, Charge loves strategy sessions and haikus.
  • Zest – This smooth talker stays poised under pressure, tackling problems with sophistication and style.
  • Smirk – This wisecracking instigator has plenty of charm and loves to game the system for a good cause.
  • Pep – With boundless enthusiasm for learning new things, Pep is a geeky but thoughtful adventurer.


The Cue app allows you to control Cue’s movements, create reactive sensor behaviours, and code creative interactions using block or JavaScript programming while engaging in witty chat.

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