Re-Reeling Service

No more wasted components or unused stock.

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More details

Our surface mount components can be re-reeled to customer specific quantities. No more wasted components or unused stock, with the flexibility of lower minimum order quantities.

Our enhanced re-reeling service includes:

  • Lower MOQs on higher value Passive and Semi-Conductor lines
  • Increased amount of products that can be re-reeled – over 78,000 lines
  • 350mm of leader and trail tape
  • Sprocket drive holes securely connected to the component tape with brass shim
  • Same day despatch

Ideally suited to small-scale production runs this service puts the required quantity of components on to a standard 180mm reel, ready to pick and place, complete with leader and trailer tape.

Available on a wide range of capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, optos and IC’s from market-leading manufacturers, look for the Re-Reelinglogo in our catalogue or click on the button below to view a list of re-reeled products.

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How to Order

The re-reeling service is now available through the website or via our sales team on 1800 936 198

The cost of this service is €5 per reel and not refundable.


  1. To see if re-reeling is available on a particular product, enter your Farnell part number into the box above adding the suffix ‘RL’ and click ‘Search’.
  2. If the search displays ‘no results found’, the re-reeling service is not available for this product.
  3. If the service is available simply enter the quantity of components into the ‘Qty’ box and proceed to checkout.


  1. Select the product and decide on the quantity of components
  2. Call the Farnell sales line on 1800 936 198
  3. Quote the Farnell order code adding the ‘RL’ suffix and the number of components required on the reel.

Alternatively, you can search our site for re-reeled products by entering re-reeling into the search field.

Click here to search for re-reeled products

Please note: A minimum order quantity will apply. Cut off time for ordering re-reeled products is 16:30.

For more information, please contact 1800 936 198.