Patient Monitoring System

A blood pressure monitoring device consists of an inflatable cuff, a measuring unit, and a mechanism for inflation which may be a manually operated bulb and valve or a pump operated electrically. There are two types of blood pressure monitors at present, mercury and electronic types. 


Sensors (such as bioelectrodes, as well as pressure, temperature and optoelectronic sensors) are used to detect human bodies’ vital signs such as ECG, blood pressure, respiratory and SpO2, and convert into electric signals. These signals are then amplified, filtered and converted in to digital signals by analog front end and passed on to processor for calculation, analysis and storage. The calculated results could be displayed on LCD, printed out or transmitted through communication interface circuits to the hosts connected with central control network. When monitors find one of vital signs higher than preset limit, a sound and light alarm through a flashing indicator and buzzer will be triggered. Buttons or touch screen on monitors can be used to configure parameters and view monitoring data stored in memory. Patient monitors can work with both AC and DC power. When AC power is unavailable, rechargeable batteries embedded in monitors would be working as backup power supply to provide DC voltage.

As more sensors, wireless communication technologies and high-performance processors are used in patient monitors, a lot of powerful capabilities have become possible on these devices. And the rapid development of integrated circuit is driving portable patient monitors into healthcare applications in home.


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ManufacturerProduct TypeWhite Paper TitleURL
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ManufacturerProduct TypeEvaluation Kits TitleEVKs Part NumberPart NumberURL
TEXAS INSTRUMENTSProcessorA/D Converter Demo. KitADS1298ECGFE-PDKADS1298Click here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTSProcessorAFE for C5505 DS Medical Development KitTMDXMDKDS3254Click here
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NXPProcessorNXP Evaluation Kit (EVK)  for the i.MX233 Applications ProcessorMCIMX23LCDMCIMX233Click here
NXPProcessorI.MX51 Evaluation Kit(EVK)MCIMX51EVKJIMX51Click here
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TEXAS INSTRUMENTSProcessorLM3S9B96 Development KitLM3S9B96-EM2LM3S9B96Click here
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ANALOG DEVICEProcessorBlackfin Processor Core Architecture Part 1Click here
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