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Rising demand for chargers with a smaller form factor and ever-increasing power requirements are the current trends seen in the charger & adapter market.

Keep up with the industry’s pace by avoiding complexity as well as incompatibility, and by shortening your time to market! With a broad portfolio of high-performing and high-quality USB-C PD solutions at competitive cost from Infineon you will stay ahead of other market players with your fast charging designs.

Power management optimization across multiple peripherals

Power management

The lack of unification and standardization in the charger & adapter equipment domain led to a situation that each device required its very specific bulky charger and cable. Highly inconvenient for end-users. To solve this, the USB-C power delivery (USB-PD) technology, standard for fast charging and data transfer, gained significant importance.

With the primary ambition of simplifying the end-user experience,USB-C PD chargers promise a compact-sized charging solution with higher power, making charging faster and more efficient. However, this convenience comes at the cost of increased engineering efforts.

Higher efficiency, smaller footprint with the same output power, or more power in the same footprint are among the key challenges in contemporary charger designs.

Read the white paper to get an overview of different USB-C PD charging solutions. Each of them can help engineers meet their specific design targets such as maximum efficiency, improved cost-performance, or enhanced design flexibility.

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Why USB PD solutions from Infineon?


High power density

  • ZVS control: Infineon’s XDPTM controllers with zero voltage switching control enable high-frequency operation with less switching losses. Benefit: fewer passive components
  • High-efficiency switches: power switches with low RDS(on) and parasitic parameters help to improve the system efficiency

Short time to market

  • Extensive application system understanding -> readily available and easy-to-use solutions optimized for application-specific requirements
  • Provided hardware/software design tools can help diversify customer designs
  • Solution reliability proven by leading customers reduces risk qualification time
  • Broad network of field application engineers and partners ensures effective support globally
  • One-stop shop -> sourcing the most important semiconductors for USB PD from one single supplier

Competitive cost

  • Leading-edge technologies and packages reduce external costs (e.g. for thermal management)
  • Dedicated charger orientated portfolio with optimized cost
  • One-stop-shop -> likely to result in commercial cost savings
  • Various factors to bring system cost down -> e.g. reducing complexity and size, enabling specific transformer usage, optimizing production cost, etc.

High differentiation

  • Programmable: PWM controllers offer the flexibility to optimize the performance by fine-tuning the firmware
  • Firmware upgradeability: Possible issues can get sorted out easily in the event of a PD spec update

Secured supply chain

  • Flexible supply chain can shorten lead times and allow customers to adjust to changing demands in consumer markets
  • Large production capacity to secure upsurge in demand -> 3 front-end sites and over 5 back-end plants for power MOSFETs

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