It is very likely that many people will have experienced the frustration of allocation within the last 12-18 months in some form.

What is Allocation?

“Allocation” is a worldwide component shortage affecting mainly:

  • Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs)
  • Chip Resistors

In addition to the above it also impacts some passive and semiconductor products.

Products from the below brands are the most affected globally:

TDK Epcos
TT Electronics

Why is This Happening?

The main reason for the shortage is due to the growth and technological advances in various areas:

Automotive Industry

Hybrid/Electric vehicles, in car entertainment and safety systems

Smart Phone Technology

iPhone component usage doubled since 2015

Smart Media

Smart TVs, Bluetooth speaker systems etc...

Smart Home

Next/Hive, Googlehome/Amazon Echo etc...

Renewable Energy

Solar panels, reading systems

Cloud Computing

A massive increase in server production

What Are We Doing to Help?

Increasing coverage on affected parts where possible

Improve our supply chain position for the future to minimise price changes

Keeping our website up to date with stock levels and transparent delivery dates

Providing alternative brands and upgraded products

Providing alternative technologies such as polymer or tantalum capacitors instead of MLCCs

Resources and technical support to help you navigate the current marketplace

Looking Towards the Future…

The market demand for products on allocation isn't going to subside any time soon, so realistically this predicament is not going to ease.

Trust our website for up to date stock and availability dates, and consider alternatives that other brands offer.

Keep checking back for any further updates, resources or market information.

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